Computer Repair Business Card

If you work on computer repair, then this unique electronical business cards is perfect for you! Just simply change the texts to put you and your company’s name, contacts, address…etc. Why not make this TWO SIDED? There isNO additional charge! It’s FREE. Read for details below.I’ve chosen the “White Standard” stock (which is a good quality), however, you can always pick other premium or luxury kinds. Don’t forget that you save a lot when you buy more than a pack… For example: 21% off 200 cards, you pay $36.96 (instead of $43.90) 35% off 500 cards, you pay $79.95 (instead of $109.75) 53% off 1000 cards, you pay $130.00 (instead of $219.50) To know more about savings, see the bulk section.((( Need a matching gifts? )))((( Here is a Computer Repair Mouse Pad Or Mug )))((( to give yourself, employees or customers. )))Here are some tips, please read:1) If you want to change the color of any text, the size or the font, you can simply go to “Customize it” and do the changes.2) If you want to delete or add any words (website for example), you can still do so by clicking on “Customize it”.3) You can also move the texts up/down, right/left by dragging them to the direction you want.4) If you have your own logo, it would be great to include it too… just go to “add images” and put it where it belongs.5) You can make this business card TWO SIDED without any additional charge! It’s absolutely FREE. If you would like to repeat what you have on your front side to be in the back too: After you’re done adding and changing everything in “Customize it”, go to “Select” and click on “Select all”, then go to “Edit” to click on “Copy”. Then view the empty back of the card, and go again to “Edit” to click on “Paste”. And you’re done! You can also put different writings on the back.6) If it’s hard to customize, or if there is something else you want to add or change… don’t worry! You can simply contact me and i’ll be happy to help. Just click on where it says my name “all_items”, leave me a message and the business card you want me to work on.

Creative Business Cards

Creative Business Cards. Personalize it with your text.

Cosmopolitan Glam Business Card, Burgundy

Elegant Cosmopolitan Glam business cards design in soft burgundy. Original pattern created by Superstarbing Designs. Customize the text and fonts to suit your needs or preferences.

Fleur-de-Lys Royal business card

Fleur-de-Lys a Royal business card template for you or someone you love! Customizable. Old Manuscript Shoes! by FairyWoods Fleur-de-Lis stamp by FairyWoodsMake your own stamps at zazzle

Trendy Vintage Grunge Designer Business Cards

The elegant Vintage Grunge design by The Spotted Olive™ features a gorgeous grungy background with a light screen of an antique world map. The perfect combination of vintage and modern. Customize with your personal information and make a statement with these stylish business cardss.

Gray Scroll Wedding Response Card

A soft image of light gray scrolls adorn the front of this elegant wedding response card. Text reads: “We request the favor of a reply on or before”. Additional customizable text for reply date and will/will not attend fields. Ideal card to be included with matching wedding invitation. Buy in bulk and save!

Nail Technician ~ Business Card Template

Designed by Jennifer Cambray. Image can be replaced with your own work! Need Help? Just send me a message from my gallery and I will customize it for you. Make sure to include all info about your company, along with a picture of your most fabulous makeover. create & buy custom products at Zazzle buy unique gifts at Zazzlemake custom gifts at Zazzle

Designer Busines or Profile Cards

Customize front & back for personal or business use. Great retro design.